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Mark Henry, Lio Rush continue war of words on social media


In an interview with TMZ, former WWE star Mark Henry said he is upset with Lio Rush over his recent comments and claimed he is considering a defamation suit against the former WWE star.

On Thursday, Rush tweeted that comments Henry made last May still needed to be addressed, referring to things Henry said on Busted Open Radio in 2019. At the time, the 25-year-old was taking a break for most of the spring and summer due to some reported backstage issues.

The 48-year-old Henry said he had tried to help Rush navigate things in WWE, but Rush didn't see it that way. He continued to tag Henry in tweets the past few days, but Henry specifically took umbrage with the following:

Rush claimed he tried to call into Busted Open while Henry was on, but the phone number didn't work.

In his talk with TMZ, the WWE Hall-of-Famer said that he has helped around 80% of his estimated 25 current Performance Center trainees of color get there, and chalked up Rush's actions of late to promoting his album. Henry said he would have helped Rush do an angle of sorts if he wanted.

"You can't question my blackness. Like nobody can question my blackness, pull my black card. No, not allowed. Nobody," he said.

He said his lawyers aren't happy and would like to sue Rush, but Henry didn't come off as if that was seriously being considered.

As the two continued to go at it Sunday on Twitter, Henry claimed he asked WWE to not fire Rush last year and said it was the last time they would speak unless Rush apologized. He also threw a jab at AEW's Joey Janela who went after Henry for threatening to sue someone who is out of work and has a family to raise.

Rush said he could sue Henry for 'de framing my name on national radio [sic]' and that Henry deserves to be known for the 'the greatest heel turn ever and not for threatening to sue a 25-year-old during a pandemic'.

Rush was released as part of the mass WWE cuts in April while Henry retired in 2017 and has some done some backstage work with WWE since then.