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Neville out of WrestleMania with serious ankle injury

Adrian Neville

Adrian Neville (aka Benjamin Satterly) will miss this year's WrestleMania after suffering a broken ankle and a broken shinbone in a match with Chris Jericho on Raw Monday night.

Following the first commercial break, Neville went for a baseball slide and caught his foot and ankle on the canvas.  It was clear he was hurt, but it also appeared that he was going to try to continue the match. They did one quick highspot, but as Neville was trying to hop to the ropes, he collapsed.

Jericho told referee Charles Robinson that they were going to improvise a finish and go home early. He rolled up Neville but Robinson, who like all WWE referees is instructed to call it like a shoot, apparently saw one of Neville's shoulders up and stopped counting.

Jericho, incensed, jumped to his feet and screamed, "HE'S HURT!" and shoved Robinson, who then called for the DQ.  Robinson and Jericho had a big argument on national TV, part of which included Jericho telling him that Neville broke his ankle and he told him that, and Robinson claiming he didn't hear him.  Both were screaming at the other not to put their hands on them. We are told it was an awkward situation live in the ring, but that "things seemed better backstage".

Jericho then improvised another promo, leading to AJ Styles coming out and hitting him with his springboard forearm.

The timing of something like this is never good, but this injury will keep Neville out of the ring for WrestleMania, the worst possible scenario.

Other wrestlers have severely injured their ankles over the years on baseball slide spots, including Rob Van Dam during an ECW match in the 90s.

WWE has a brief story on the injury on their website, including a photo of Neville being checked out.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer also have details on the injury, plus a full Raw review for subscribers on last night's Wrestling Observer Radio.