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Nia Jax says it's 'highly unlikely' she ever wrestles again


Image: WWE

Less than a month after she was released by WWE, Nia Jax said on Twitter Monday that it's "highly unlikely" she will ever wrestle again.

In a tweet following questions about changing her Twitter handle to her real name, Jax made the remark along with a joke about a new nickname she might take on if she ever does decide to step through the ropes again.

Lol! Newflash..Lina is my real name. It’s not another “ring” name. It’s just MY NAME, the name given to me at birth. Calm TF down trolls. In all fairness, “Opponent Crippler” would be a SOLID front runner if I ever decide to wrestle again. but it’s highly unlikely

— Lina Fanene (@LinaFanene) November 29, 2021

The "Opponent Crippler" joke is a reference to her reputation as being rough in the ring and injuring opponents.

The 37-year-old was part of a large round of cuts that saw 18 wrestlers released on the same day WWE released their quarterly financial report. Rumors surfaced afterward that several releases were due to those wrestlers being unvaccinated, but in a statement, she said that never came up with her.

She said she had asked for a "short leave of absence" for a mental health break and when she was due to return on November 15th, she asked for an extension. She never got a response with her next communication with the company being her release.

A relative of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as her father was a first cousin of Johnson's grandfather Peter Maivia, Jax (Savelina Fanene) had been in the WWE system since 2014, starting in NXT. She was called up to the main roster for Raw in 2016 as part of that year's draft. 

In her WWE run, she held the Raw Women's title once for a short run in 2018 and the Tag Team titles twice with Shayna Baszler.