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Report: Dr. Chris Amann no longer with WWE

Amann was WWE's senior ringside physician.

Dr. Chris Amann is no longer with WWE.

PWInsider reported on Thursday that Amann "gave notice some time ago" and officially retired from his position with WWE this month.

Amann, who had been with WWE since 2008, was the company's senior ringside physician. He worked with WWE and NXT talent in that role and oversaw the medical care of the other ringside physicians and athletic trainers on staff. Amann was also  tasked with helping to implement WWE's wellness policy.

In 2018, a jury ruled in favor of CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) after Amann filed a defamation lawsuit against them. Amann was seeking more than $4 million in damages relating to critical comments that Punk had made about Amann's medical care on an episode of Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014. Those comments included Punk claiming that Amann dismissed a growth on his back that eventually turned into a staph infection.