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Report: Flair, Lynch had confrontation after WWE SmackDown


This story was updated at 3:30 PM Eastern.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch reportedly had a heated backstage confrontation following Friday's edition of WWE SmackDown.

PWInsider first reported the news with TalkSport providing more details as to what happened.

Flair and Lynch were both on the show to exchange their Raw and SmackDown Women's titles, respectively. During the segment, the belt exchange itself was awkward with Flair keeping her belt away from Lynch before dropping it while Lynch eventually threw her belt at Flair.

According to the reports, that was was not how it was supposed to go down as Flair was trying to play cat-and-mouse with the title and Lynch was supposed to get her hand on it before it swung back. The timing was off and the title then hit the mat.

Fightful reported late-Saturday morning that Lynch was supposed to grab the belt, but Flair "went against it." 

Flair reportedly raised concerns before the show that "she didn't want to look weak nor did she want her title reign to look weak during the segment." As TalkSport reported, she "fought all day against the title switch. In fact, it's believed no one involved was happy about it."

Lynch and Flair then had a verbal confrontation backstage after the segment with Lynch claiming Flair was disrespecting her by "trying to make her look bad." Lynch reportedly wanted to have a "Becky Two Belts" moment with both titles which didn't happen.

While the confrontation didn't get physical, WWE officials were reportedly concerned. TalkSport reported their friendship has been "strained for some time" ever since Lynch referred to Flair as "plastic" in a promo a few years ago.

Vince McMahon was reportedly angry about Flair leaving backstage without talking to him. Fightful reported that Flair was told to leave the building which our Bryan Alvarez confirmed, adding that she was escorted out of the building by security.

TalkSport also reported that Flair wanted to lose clean to Bianca Belair Monday, believing it could have been a big win for her and that the DQ finish hurt that.