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WWE 205 Live results: Atlas vs. Sterling, Hale vs. Raaj


Not live from the WWE Performance Center, this week’s WWE 205 Live featured Jake Atlas taking on Ari Sterling while Asher Hale took on Guru Raaj in a rematch.

Asher Hale defeated Guru Raaj

This was a rematch from last week when Raaj got the win following a backslide pin, extending Hale’s losing streak to five straight.

The early portion featured a lot of chain wrestling and ground work. Hale (the former Anthony Henry) locked in an Indian deathlock with a reverse bridge/chinlock that almost got Raaj to tap. 

Raaj later fired up after eating some Hale kicks, hitting a barrage of shoulderblocks in the corner. A running bulldog got a two count and another backslide almost did Hale until he rolled through and hit a big kick, a Crossroads, and a modified brainbuster got Hale the victory.

While a perfectly fine wrestling match, at best, this could be described as bland with neither guy standing out. 

Jake Atlas defeated Ari Sterling

This was another competitive match, but unlike Hale vs. Raaj, the best moments were saved for the last minute.

Atlas hit a nice looking kick in the early going as Sterling jumped into the ring from the outside. However, Atlas kept working a reverse bear hug to keep Sterling grounded which was frustrating on the entertainment scale.

Things finally got going late as Sterling hit a flatliner that got two, followed by a big Atlas jumping knee and a fallaway slam that got two. Sterling later hit a running frankensteiner while Atlas was sitting on the top rope which was impressive to say the least.

The end came when Sterling (the former Alex Zayne) missed a 450 splash (standing, no less) and Atlas gave him a German suplex just short of the turnbuckles. Atlas then hit a cool-looking cartwheel DDT off the top rope to get the pin and his third straight win.

Final Thoughts:

I’m not a regular 205 Live watcher, but to me, if you’re giving cruiserweights a 30-minute show on a Friday night at the end of a busy wrestling week, let’s make it buzzworthy. Three of the four were studs on the indie scene, but the WWE style just grinds everything to a standstill.

While everyone worked hard, neither match is worth going out of your way to watch.