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WWE Main Event results: Apollo Crews takes Curt Hawkins to 0-146


The Big Takeaway: Prior to his injury on 205 Live on Tuesday, Kalisto beat Ariya Daivari on Main Event. Apollo Crews, who is now accompanied to the ring by Dana Brooke and Titus O’Neil, left Curt Hawkins 0-146 going into the holiday period.


Kalisto defeated Ariya Daivari (6:04)

After the unfortunate events from Tuesday night’s 205 Live that ended in Kalisto needing stitches and an MRI when a fan threw a bottle of water at him, it was good to see Kalisto’s Monday night Main Event match result in a great performance and a win.

Daivari and Kalisto worked together well here and built a match that looked like it could go either way. When Daivari successfully hit a huge Persian Lion Splash for the second time, you could have been forgiven for assuming that the match was done at the five-minute mark. When Kalisto kicked out, it proved a nice wrinkle in the storyline of the match.

The finish saw Daivari trying to bully Kalisto, towering over him and trash-talking him until Kalisto leapt up and flew into the Salida del Sol to get the win. This loss leaves Daivari, a man with very few wins under his belt since joining WWE, without a win since August.

Apollo Crews (w/ Dana Brooke and Titus O’Neil) defeated Curt Hawkins (5:05)

Hawkins may just be becoming the new Gillberg after all, as his losing streak continued here against Apollo Crews -- an opponent who he has lost to frequently over the last few months. Crews came out with the addition of Dana Brooke in his entourage. Brooke was sporting professional attire: business suit, glasses, and clipboard.

On the bell, Hawkins looked disgruntled at the presence of both Brooke and O’Neil and shouted that they should be sent "to the back!" Hawkins is making the most of his streak: after some back and forth, he actually laid down in the ring and urged Crews to get it over with. Of course, he was playing possum and Crews fell for it, allowing Hawkins to dominate the middle section here.

The match went through a commercial break and they really made it look as close as they could. Hawkins kicked out of a standing moonsault and Crews kicked out of a second rope powerbomb. Finally, Crews dug deep and nailed Hawkins with a running single leg high knee and his spin-out powerbomb for the win.

Until next time, wishing you a wonderful holiday period with your families and loved ones.