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WWE Main Event results: Duke Hudson, Cameron Grimes debut

Two WWE NXT wrestlers made their main roster debuts this week.

This past week's WWE Main Event was taped prior to last Monday’s Raw in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick on commentary per usual.

This week's show was notable as it featured two more main roster debuts in former NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson.

Cameron Grimes defeated Akira Tozawa

Grimes, making his main roster debut, did an inset promo where he introduced himself where he said he wanted to take WWE and Main Event…to…the…moon.

After talking the chances of Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, Saxton and Patrick went into Grimes’ past to give viewers at least a little bit of his background, especially NXT.

The fans really are into Tozawa, so that essentially made Grimes a less sympathetic figure. It didn’t help that he was using rest holds which are always great to have when it’s a young wrestler’s first match in the big show.

After a Tozawa rally, Grimes rallied with a superkick, a really cool looking Collision Course, and the Cave In for the pin and win after yelling “to the moon.” This was fine as an intro match, but nothing memorable.

Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth had a funny exchange that involved Little Jimmy and prenups which turned into serious chat about why Benjamin takes this so seriously. He said he used to be known as the “Gold Standard,” but now he’s just known as Shelton. R-Truth really wants to team with him, but Benjamin isn’t interested.

Cedric Benjamin defeated Duke Hudson

Earlier, Hudson was shown talking Dana Brooke about working out until Benjamin walked up. He introduced himself and said he would be the person that would be beating Benjamin tonight. Based on his size, he’s very confident to say the least. His music? Very mid.

In his main roster debut, Hudson was getting the (sweetened?) boos early on as he was disrespectful to Benjamin and pulling out some classic heel moves like insulting Benjamin’s height by getting on his knees and telling people to kiss his ass with the slap and all. Well done.

Hudson’s offense was very meh, but his heel mannerisms were working. Alexander rallied, hitting a tope to Hudson on the outside of the ring followed by his nice looking jumping flatliner coming back in for a near fall.

Hudson managed to get out to the apron which set up a slingshot German suplex for his own near fall. He went for his crucifix power bomb, but Alexander reversed Hudson into the turnbuckle, the Neutralizer handstand enziguri and then a brainbuster for the pin and win. This turned out to be pretty good when it was all said and done.