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WWE Main Event results: John Morrison's final stand


This week's WWE Main Event lineup, taped Monday in Indianapolis, Indiana, had what would be the final WWE match for John Morrison and a tag team match between The Hurt Business and Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez that featured a botched finish.

Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton handled commentary.

Veer Mahaan defeated John Morrison (3:51)

As you probably heard, Morrison was released Thursday along with seven other wrestlers, making this what will likely be his final ever WWE match. To no big surprise, it didn't show off any of his best attributes.

Mahaan is an 80s-style WWF villian with menacing looks, lots of grunting, basic power moves....and rest holds. He also appears to get lost in transitions, especially in easy things like moving to the aforementioned rest hold and to the very complicated body slam.

Morrison bumped for him very well, including a big spin bump off a shoulderblock. He also sprung off the middle rope but went right into a Mahaan knee. Mahaan finished off Morrison with a jumping elbow that commentary put off as him getting big air, two Vader splashes in the corner and the Million Dollar Arm clothesline. 

And just like that, the 42-year-old two-year run back in WWE came to an end.

The Hurt Business defeated Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez (5:48)

I guess Crews and Azeez are faces now? The crowd was pretty complacent for this one as they were likely as confused as I was. Azeez was smiling as the match started so perhaps that's a clue of where they are going.

Cedric Alexander played the comedy heel role up early, blowing himself up like a balloon to make himself bigger in there against Azeez. He quickly got dispatched and Benjamin got muscled over the top rope because, you see, Azeez is all.

Benjamin and Alexander eventually got the advantage by taunting Azeez which caused the referee to get distracted getting him out of there. The Hurt Business then hit Crews from behind and there you go.

This match had a botched end as Alexander hit a basic suplex on Crews, went for the pin with no leg hook and Crews got his shoulder up as the referee looked to count three. Time stopped as Alexander stared at the referee and she then called for the bell, ending the match. Alexander and Benjamin played it off as that they couldn't believe it while Crews was talking to the referee while he was still down. We never did get the Azeez hot tag depriving the good people of Indianapolis of what they came to see.