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WWE Main Event results: Mustafa Ali vs. T-Bar

Cedric Alexander also took on Shelton Benjamin this week.
WWE Main Event: Ali vs. T-Bar

Last week's WWE Main Event was taped prior to Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cedric Alexander defeated Shelton Benjamin (4:51)

This was a battle of former tag team partners and Hurt Business team members. Both are now faces and probably should be a tag team again because why not?

According to Cagematch, this was their tenth-ever singles match dating back to 2019 with Benjamin winning just once.

Benjamin was dominant in the early going, transitioning from a rest hold into a release german suplex to send Alexander to the outside. As Benjamin went after him, Alexander jumped back in the ring and hit him with a dropkick to regain the advantage.

The last sequence was pretty good. Benjamin hit a jumping knee from the floor as Alexander was about do a tope. He then hit a power bomb for two, followed by an ankle lock. Alexander worked out of it and reversed him into a pin attempt to get the win.

Both men hugged it out afterward.

Mustafa Ali defeated T-Bar (8:01)

I'm sensing a theme with another singles match between two former factionmates. This is their fourth-ever singles match winning all but one.

I will be interesting in seeing if the fortunes for Ali change now that Paul Levesque is running creative. I would say the same for T-Bar, but it feels like is firmly slotted working Main Event along with Alexander and Benjamin.

This followed the formula: face ahead early, heel goes up going into the break, and face rallies. 

Ali countered T-Bar with a DDT to get momentum back in his favor. He hit a big tope on T-Bar on the outside and got the crowd fired up. However, T-Bar countered with a knee off a middle rope springboard, leading into the High Justice chokeslam bomb...but it only got two.

T-Bar went for a moonsault and missed (as is customary), leading to Ali hitting a reverse frankensteiner for a close near fall. 

The end came when T-Bar crotches Ali and went up to attack, but Ali reversed it into a nice-looking Canadian destroyer followed by the 450 splash to get the win. Both guys tried hard and we'll see where Ali can go from here.