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WWE Main Event results: MVP debuts on commentary


The Big Takeaways:

  • Asuka defeated Catalina Garcia (now just 'Catalina') in a by-the-numbers opener that went too long before Shelton Benjamin and Humberto Carrillo battled for the third time on Main Event.
  • MVP was a welcome addition to the announce table, providing some insight and experience.

Show Recap:

MVP was in the booth this week with Tom Phillips for the first time, preferable to the usual pairing of Byron Saxton and Mickie James. With MVP providing the color commentary, they have someone with nearly 20 years experience in the business and it really showed.

Asuka defeated Catalina (9:03)

Asuka worked Main Event last month, defeating a newcomer to the show in Kayden Carter. Under normal circumstances, the fact that she is even on this show would be a serious cause for concern, but all bets are off here in April 2020.

Back in October, Catalina Garcia made her Raw debut, coming out with Sin Cara. Six months later, how things have changed. Now sans ‘Garcia’, Catalina made her Main Event debut here in what was a very visually vibrant match. 

This was certainly given generous timing. Matches over the seven minute mark are pretty rare on Main Event and the fact they did so here is good for the new talent they are continuing to give a chance to on the show each week.

Unfortunately, what they did with the time wasn’t really much to write home about. It was largely holds and mat work with Asuka dominating Catalina, who either doesn’t have much in her armory or wasn’t given the chance to show it.

Asuka got a near fall after a running bulldog followed by Catalina attempting a 360 splash off the middle rope. However, Asuka had it scouted and rolled out of the way, finishing Catalina with the Asuka Lock for the win.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Shelton Benjamin (7:08)

I wrote last week that having Benjamin and Carrillo work together on this show each week would be fine by me and after this week, I stand by that.

MVP noted that Benjamin has "missed a step", but conceded that "power is always the last thing to go." This also led to lots of inevitable Money in the Bank ladder match discussion and reflection on Benjamin’s highlight reel in that regard.

They worked extremely well together again here and used the full ring and the barriers outside, going through a commercial break. Benjamin looked in his element early on as he beat down and suplexed Carrillo, grinning widely as he seemed to be enjoying himself. 

It was only a small package that defeated Benjamin in the end with Carrillo rolling out of the ring quickly after the bell and backing up the ramp with his arm aloft. This takes Carrillo to 3-0 over Benjamin, but I would happily watch them do it over next week.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event was another interesting show this week with debuts and some much needed experience, both in the ring and in the announce booth. Again, there’s little to hate about the show these days as it glides along at a good pace for 45 minutes of wrestling and a Raw recap.