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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Garza, Ryker vs. Alexander


This week's double dip of hot WWE Main Event action was taped prior to Raw in San Antonio, Texas.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Cedric Alexander

No, this isn't a typo. These two went at it two weeks ago on this same show and I guess it was just so good they had to do it again.

In order to ground the bigger man, Alexander went after Ryker's left knee, dropkicking it several times and working both a kneebar and a standing leg lock. You could feel the life being sucked out of the crowd as this was going on.

Ryker eventually regained the advantage after Alexander missed a springboard move, hitting a black hole slam just like that for his ninth straight singles win. 

It appears they want Ryker to be a babyface but the problem with that is no one cares about him or likes him that much. There's no hook either way, so he's just a generic guy. If you're a Ryker fan, hit me up. I'd like to understand what the draw is.

Ricochet defeated Angel Garza

These two have squared off in singles action twice before and both on Main Event if you can believe it. The two had split the previous two encounters (October '20 and February '21) so the much-anticipated third meeting had all the buzz of going to the concession stand.

Garza wasn't messing around as the pants tear spot came early so he could avoid getting punched. After the usual side headlocks, the crowd got into this briefly as both guys were showing life. In this case, life was moving around the ring and a superkick. That's kinda where we're at with this show.

Of course, things got back to restholds as they always seem to do. After a discus clothesline, Ricochet got control, hitting a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. After Garza picked up some steam, Ricochet hit the Recoil knee for the win. 

The loss snaps a three-match win streak for Garza (!) while Ricochet was coming off a loss to Sheamus on Raw the week prior.

Final Thoughts:

I will be interested to see the future of this show if Hulu and WWE doesn't renew their deal which is up either this year or next. One option: rebrand it as NXT Main Event on Peacock and let some of the talents that don't get a ton of work do their thing in some fun matches.