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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali two-out-of-three falls


An angle that was built over the last month on WWE Main Event came to its conclusion last week as Ricochet defeated Mustafa Ali in a two-out-of-three falls match.

This was actually their fourth match as Ali took the first one, Ricochet took the second and the third match went to a double countout.

Ali took the first fall by countout, injuring Ricochet's back after pulling the ring apron out from under him. That was followed by throws into the barricade and the ring steps that rendered Ricochet unable to make it back into the ring.

Ali kept the pressure on after a commercial break, nearly ending the rivalry with a DDT and pin attempt that Ricochet barely kicked out of. He lucked out as the second fall came when he was going to the top rope. Ali pushed the referee into the ropes to thwart the attack which crotched Ricochet, resulting in a DQ.

Ricochet hit a suplex on Ali from the barricade to the floor, leaping up on the barricade as Ali was about to jump off it. Both men struggled to get in at the count of 10, nearly resulting in a double countout -- a callback to their third encounter.

He later ht a roll-through Michinoku driver on Ali while both were on the floor, but missed on a springboard 630, leading to a near submission to a Koji clutch before he reached the ropes.

The end came when Ali came off the middle rope into a Ricochet codebreaker for the pin and win.

The match started at nearly the 20-minute mark of the 44-minute show with the rest of the broadcast dedicated to various Raw and SmackDown angles.

Final Thoughts:

While there was a nice backstory for how this angle and series got pitched and approved, the countout and DQ finishes were weak and didn't do Ricochet any favors. Everything after the second fall was fairly strong and both worked hard, a fitting end to this month-long angle. Unfortunately for both guys, they are still in the same position as before but at least they got a month to try something on a WWE televised property.