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WWE Main Event results: Ryker vs. Alexander, Garza vs. Dorado


This week's Main Event came to us from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL, taped prior to WWE Raw featuring four show regulars.

Spoiler alert: you can skip this show.

Angel Garza defeated Lince Dorado

This is only their second singles meeting as they did battle last November on this very show.

Dorado was trying to get the crowd engaged with the "Lu-cha" chant to a tepid response. He worked hard, hitting a hurricanrana on the outside and a top rope crossbody inside. Dorado maintained control for most of the match until he got back bodydropped to give Garza the advantage. He hit a monkey flip and a flapjack for a near fall.

Near the end, there was clearly a botch as Dorado attempted a simple roll-through and the crowd cut to a stunned young fan. When action returned, Dorado was attempting an armbar. Garza did the pants off gimmick that surprised Dorado and popped the crowd. A superkick and wing clipper later and it was over for Garza's third straight win.

The problem here was too many rest holds. It was a fine pro wrestling match, but boring.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Cedric Alexander 

This is their first WWE singles match, but in a fun fact, they did a 30-minute Iron Man match for a North Carolina indie promotion back in 2016. Use that at your next party.

Nobody cared a single bit about this match. Alexander was supposed to be the heel (I think?) but fans didn't like Ryker so that part was hard to follow.

Ryker dominated the first few minutes with Alexander unable to get the slightest bit of offense in. Then, an Alexander arm ringer as Ryker got back in led to a running clothesline takedown on the apron that took us into a break. Yes, this went through a commercial break.

Again: so. many. restholds. Ryker got the win after a black hole slam. He has now won his last eight singles matches while Alexander is winless since May. 

I hope one day that a talent like Alexander gets his chance somewhere else. Other than the steady paycheck, I can't imagine this is what he envisioned when he signed in 2016.

Final Thoughts:

Other than a contractual obligation to Hulu, this show continued to not serve much purpose. It would be more fun if they used this time to have fun matches with some new talent and not the same 5-6 guys nearly every episode having WWE-style matches.