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WWE Main Event results: Street Profits vs. Hurt Business

The 500th episode of the show also saw Liv Morgan vs. Nikki A.S.H.

This week's epic 500th edition of WWE Main Event was taped prior to last Monday's Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Liv Morgan defeated Nikki A.S.H. (5:03)

Surprisingly, this was their first singles match since September 2017 in NXT.

Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton played up that Morgan is recovering from Rhea Ripley turning on her when A.S.H. tried to warn her about it.

A.S.H. ripped out the ring apron from under Morgan's left foot at one point, leading to her falling and ensnaring her leg in the apron. A.S.H. then worked over the left leg and knee with a dropkick and a single leg crab. Every time Morgan would get any daylight, A.S.H. would close the shades and go back to the leg attacks.

Morgan finally got the advantage, laying out A.S.H. with a missile dropkick from the second rope. She fired up with a series of kicks (and screams), working through the pain to hit a codebreaker. With A.S.H.'s back to the ropes, Morgan jumped on the second rope and bounced back with Oblivion (flatliner) for the comeback victory.

This wasn't great. That Morgan never really got the shot to have a run with a title, even a short one, when she raised her profile over the last year is unfortunate.

A.S.H. is now winless in singles matches since last September.

Street Profits defeated Hurt Business (9:31)

This was their second-ever meeting and first since a March 2022 Main Event bout. That match nearly lasted the same amount of time at 9:23.

The story here was that Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are being more serious and aggressive as they refocus their efforts. Ford, especially, made a point to not smile and act heelish, giving a happy Dawkins a look after they eventually got the win. 

Ford actually didn't fully clear Cedric Alexander on the second part of a leapfrog spot, leading to two straight hard clotheslines. That the athletic Ford made a slight error was the most surprising thing on the show.

Alexander and Shelton Benjamin got the advantage before the break when Ford crashed and burned into the announcer's desk thanks to smart maneuvering by the veterans.

In the end, the Profits hit a doomsday device on Benjamin to get the win. Seeds of a split seem to have been sowed which seems as ridiculous as having them act serious but here we are.