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WWE Main Event: T-Bar vs. Shelton Benjamin, Omos vs. Ezekiel

Two matches were spotlighted on this week's Hulu show.
WWE Main Event

This week's two-match WWE Main Event was taped prior to last Monday's WWE Raw in Houston, Texas.

As always, Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton were on the call as the new Triple H creative era is in full swing.

Omos (w/ MVP) defeated Ezekiel

This was their first-ever singles match. Mark it down in your history books.

Zeke showed some trepidation coming out to the ring due to Omos' size. The issue with that: Omos is tall but Zeke is in really great shape and a big dude in his own right. They shot the match from a low angle to accentuate Omos' height.

After hitting the usual big man moves, Omos locked in a nerve hold to slow things down, eventually dumping him over the top where MVP laid in a cane shot. 

Zeke had a brief comeback and got pinned after a standing tree slam. This wasn't good as Omos is just too slow and still doesn't have that thing that successful big men charisma.

T-Bar defeated Shelton Benjamin

In case you're not a regular Main Event watcher (and I mean, how can you not?), T-Bar is now sans mask and face paint and looks like a regular heel with short hair and a beard.

This was a rematch from their early-April battle on this very show, one that Benjamin won.

If there was a Main Event title, these would be multi-time champions. Maybe Triple H can add that in over the next few months as new titles are all the rage now.

This went through a commercial break as ol' Bar had Benjamin reeling after knocking him to the floor off the ring apron. Following the break, we had, you guessed it, a rest hold.

Commentary dropped out for a few seconds which paired with the quiet crowd gave this a pandemic-era feel. 

Benjamin eventually got the momentum back, winning a slugfest on the feet and knocking down T-Bar with a back elbow and a spinning back kick. T-Bar blocked a Paydirt attempt and delivered his High Justice chokeslam for a close near fall.

T-Bar went to the top for an ill-advised and awkward moonsault that missed, leading to Benjamin locking in an ankle lock. T-Bar survived some additional Benjamin offense and eventually got the win, using the ropes to block a rollup attempt for the pin and win.

This was a fine professional wrestling match, albeit a meaningless one in storyline. I am glad both guys are getting paid though.

A closing thought: if they ran Main Event opposite AEW Dynamite on a decent cable network and put on a solid three or four match card, how would it do?