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WWE NXT results: TakeOver recap; El Vagabundo appears


The Big News: Did you watch NXT TakeOver: Orlando? If you did, skip this show. If you didn't, go watch it and then skip this show.

The Medium News: Seriously, just watch TakeOver.

The Little Beaver-sized News: I don't care that El Vagabundo was The Drifter, just watch TakeOver and skip this show.


To help get you ready for the entire episode, we started with a several minute video package recapping the entirety of NXT TakeOver: Orlando.


Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) defeated Aliyah

Peyton Royce kicked off the in-ring action, going one-on-one with Aliyah, who hasn't been seen on TV in several months. She had the advantage early. Royce asked Billie Kay for help, so Kay tried pulling Royce to ringside for a breather, but Aliyah stomped on their fingers. Royce gave her one evil look and took over from there.

Aliyah made a brief comeback, but got cut off and pinned with a Perfect Plex.


We got an extended look at the Asuka vs. Ember Moon match from TakeOver and then Asuka laughed at the idea that anyone is left to face her.


Up next was the extended look at Aleister Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas. Almas may have lost, but he did go clubbing in Orlando and posted photos of it on Instagram afterwards, which is part of his new gimmick.


Heavy Machinery defeated The Bollywood Boyz

Heavy Machinery already have new theme music, taking out the “truck backing up” beeping. Harv and Gurv Sihra's combined weight is literally less than Otis Dozovic. This was like a "best of" for Heavy Machinery, which is amazing since they have only had two TV matches. They gave Harv the tossing bear hug. Gurv tried to sneak attack Dozovic, but he got caught and squashed between his much larger foes.

Dozovic and Tucker Knight changed their finish. Dozovic picked Harv up for a body slam, but Knight slammed into Dozovic from behind, which caused Dozovic to drop him with a powerslam. Poor Harv.


Oney Lorcan was stretching backstage and didn't seem worried that he was wrestling a mystery opponent tonight. He very woodenly said he was here to compete and to win.


Next we got the lengthy video package for The Authors of Pain vs. DIY vs. The Revival. If you want to read my thoughts on the questionable booking for this match, check out my live NXT TakeOver: Orlando play-by-play from last Saturday.

This led to a Paul Ellering promo. He said this was vindication and a confirmation for the AOP. The entire WWE is trying to slow down their ascension and stop their destiny, because they will be a dynasty.


What do you do when you have to fill a 50-minute TV show and have like 15 minutes of footage? You fill it up with an extremely long video package looking at the Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match.

This whole thing culminated in a really nicely done farewell video to Nakamura, documenting the entire year he was in NXT. It also showed him bowing to the crowd after TakeOver and basically saying goodbye.

Roode then cut a post-show promo saying he did exactly what he told everyone he would do. He asked if we were ready for the continuation of Bobby Roode's NXT.


Cameras caught up with Drew McIntyre after TakeOver. He noted that he has won championships all over the world and been a game changer and a brand builder. He is now in NXT to win the NXT title.

It was announced he will be on NXT next week.


Oney Lorcan defeated El Vagabundo

It was then time for the main event. Oney Lorcan wrestled the newest NXT superstar -- El Vagabundo. Vagabundo wore gear remarkably similar to former NXT superstar Elias Samson. However, it is supposedly not The Drifter. You see, El Vagabundo wears a mask. Plus, remember last week? Kassius Ohno broke Samson's guitar and this guitar is in one piece!

He even cut a promo saying he was El Vagabundo! The fans were more into Vagabundo than they ever were the last guy who came to the ring carrying an acoustic guitar. Well, they liked him until he sang that the fans needed to shut up.

Lorcan claimed that Vagabundo was The Drifter. Vagabundo was so upset that he attacked Lorcan before the bell.

The fans did the Ole chant for the debuting luchador as he used more of a ground based offense to take down Lorcan. Lorcan made his comeback and pulled off Vagabundo's mask...and oh my god it's The Drifter! I did not see that coming!

Since this is not Mexico, removing his mask was not an automatic disqualification. Lorcan, with a running blockbuster, pinned Vagabundo. After the match a female cop came down to apprehend Samson and remove him. He tried to ignore her, so she grabbed his hair, put him in a wrist lock, and led him away.

That brought the show to an end. Thank you all for reading, and until next week remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!