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Rey Mysterio, Dominik reveal they had COVID-19 in December


During a podcast appearance, Rey and Dominik Mysterio said they both contracted COVID-19 in December.

On Start Today with Chris Cavallini, Rey explained his parents got the virus, ironically, while the Mysterios were taking care of them to ensure they didn't get it. The parents passed it along to their housekeeper who then unknowingly passed it to Mysterio's wife. He spent three days with his wife before flying to Tampa for the December 11th SmackDown which was also his birthday.

He said he learned the housekeeper was positive before he got to the ThunderDome that Friday and didn't want to risk passing it on even though he, Dominik, his wife, and daughter all had tested negative. They were able to fly home on Saturday because they had still tested negative.

Saturday night, Mysterio said he and his wife felt "really sick", had a headache and were achy. They stayed away from everyone for two days and got positive test results back on Tuesday. Dominik then started getting symptoms Tuesday and felt sick Wednesday, testing positive on Thursday. During that time, the entire household was quarantining from each other, including the housekeeper.

Aalayh was the only family member in the house that didn't get the virus and took care of cooking for the entire household during their various quarantines.

Mysterio said the first several days and the final day he had it were the worst in dealing with headaches and a backache, but he suffered no other symptoms. He said on a scale of 1-10, it was a 7 and felt like a really bad flu at times. Dominik said he had a headache, chills, and a body ache, but felt fine otherwise. Similar to his father, his final day was similar to his first day in terms of symptoms.

Both are fully recovered and were part of this past Sunday's WWE men's Royal Rumble match.