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Ric Flair denies positive COVID-19 test report as wife fights virus


Image: WWE

An article in the New York Post Monday revealed that Ric Flair's wife, Wendy Barlow, has COVID-19 while the pro wrestling legend denies having it himself.

The article was accompanied by a picture of Flair paying cash at a Georgia Starbucks drive-through window without a mask, pointing out that Flair asked his Facebook followers to wear one in a partnership with the American College of Surgeons along with other social media posts the past few months.

The Post cited a source that claimed Flair tested positive last Wednesday, but the 71-year-old said that was "absolutely incorrect." He confirmed her diagnosis and said he is living in the basement of their 5000 square foot house while she lives on the third floor. According to Flair, Barlow is getting better but has had her good and bad days.

Flair has done in-person appearances on Raw as recently as last week's show.

WWE recently had an outbreak of the virus with dozens of personnel testing positive, resulting in the company doing COVID-19 tests and instituting a mask policy for those not on camera.