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Roman Reigns not advertised for WWE TV, live events this summer

The WWE Universal Champion appears to be taking most of the summer off.

Roman Reigns' comments at a WWE house show this past weekend about entering "a new phase" of his career got the fans and industry speculating about what that might mean.

As it turned out, it meant the 36-year-old signed a new deal that calls for the undisputed Universal Champion to work less live events, according to Dave Meltzer.

That reduced schedule appears to be beginning next month.

Outside two pay-per-views, Reigns isn't listed on either graphics or a talent listing via for any of the summer schedule that was released last week: a near ten-week stretch that runs from late-June through nearly the end of August.

Meltzer discussed the developments on Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio, saying Reigns is still scheduled for the two July pay-per-views during that time: Money in the Bank and SummerSlam.

Meltzer was unsure if Reigns is filming a movie or if there is a specific reason for his absence. It's unclear if Reigns will remain undisputed champion or if WWE will have a title change either before this stretch or at a pay-per-view.

A look at arena websites for the summer schedule support Reigns' summer break outside a Friday, July 8th SmackDown in Fort Worth, Texas, that he is still listed for. He remains on an outdated graphic for a Friday, July 15th SmackDown, but is not on the talent listed for that event.

As of now, Reigns is advertised on for two September SmackDowns.