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Sareee moving to U.S. to start with WWE following final Japan match


Japanese women's wrestler Sareee tweeted Sunday that she will wrestle her final match in Japan next week and will then move to the U.S. to begin full-time with WWE.

Her final match is set for Friday, January 22nd for SEAdLINNNG where she is one half of the Beyond the Sea Tag Team champions with Yoshiko.

After breaking into the business in the spring of 2011, the 24-year-old born Sari Fujimura signed with the company early last year and was set to do the move then, but the pandemic changed those plans. She later said WWE allowed her to continue to work in Japan until she was able to leave.

It's unknown when she will start, but it's assumed NXT and the Orlando, Florida, Performance Center will be her first stop.

After being off since late-February, Sareee has kept a regular schedule since September, working throughout Tokyo for SEAdLINNNG, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling, and others.