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Seth Rollins kicks off WrestleMania by upsetting Brock Lesnar for WWE Universal title


Image: WWE

Seth Rollins is the new WWE Universal Champion, but a lot earlier in the WrestleMania show than most expected.

As Alexa Bliss and Hulk Hogan were kicking off the show, Paul Heyman charged out to the ring and said Lesnar wasn't going to wait around all night if he wasn't going to be the main event. Heyman demanded the match start now so they could get on a plane to Las Vegas where they would be "ultimately appreciated".

Lesnar came out and Rollins came out and the match was on...eventually.

Lesnar jumped Rollins and gave him an F5 on the floor, threw him into the apron and ringside barrier, and over the broadcast tables twice, all before the bell even rang. Back in the ring, the referee refused to start the match and Lesnar attacked again, tossing him to the outside and over the broadcast table. There were welts and a giant red mark on Rollins' back after the fracas.

Eventually, the two got back in the ring and the bell rung. Lesnar dished out several suplexes until Rollins got the upperhand with a low blow as the referee was briefly knocked down. He hit three Curb Stomps and pinned Lesnar to win the title in a relatively short match.

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