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Stephanie McMahon interim WWE CEO appointment didn't involve family, Nick Khan

Vince McMahon, Paul Levesque and Nick Khan were not involved in the decision.
Stephanie McMahon

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the decision to appoint Stephanie McMahon as interim WWE CEO & Chairwoman was done by a special committee of the company's Board that didn't include her family members or Nick Khan.

Last Friday, WWE announced that Stephanie would replace her father Vince McMahon on an interim basis as company CEO & Chairwoman as a special committee investigation is underway regarding alleged misconduct related to a $3 million "hush fund" given to a former employee/love interest.

While he made that move voluntarily, he still remains the head of creative and made brief appearances on both last Friday's SmackDown and Monday's Raw.

"Stephanie McMahon being put in power was said to be based on the decision of a special committee, which would be the eight members of the Board of Directors that were not Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or Paul Levesque," Meltzer wrote.

Regarding an unflattering story that came out in Business Insider about Stephanie taking a leave of absence in May, Meltzer wrote that "of the side of the company that buried her on the way out, none of that came from the members of the special committee but from others in the company."