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Steve Cutler, Deonna Purrazzo had COVID-19 in January


Image: Instagram

In the aftermath of Steve Cutler's WWE release, it was learned that both he and his girlfriend, Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, had COVID-19 in January.

Shortly after his Thursday release after seven years in the organization, Purrazzo tweeted she and Cutler (Steve Kupryk) tested positive at the beginning of the month and took precautions. She said neither had any symptoms.

He and Wesley Blake were aligned with Baron Corbin as the Knights of the Lone Wolf on the December 4th SmackDown, but neither he nor Blake have been seen on TV since the January 1st edition of the show. Following his positive test and missing time, the idea was dropped. 

Fightful first reported that Vince McMahon was upset with the 33-year-old after contracting the virus with Dave Meltzer reporting in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there was a disciplinary reason that got McMahon "livid" when he heard about it, associated with a New Year's Eve party. Meltzer said McMahon was upset as he had promised talents like Roman Reigns a safe environment upon returning and felt whatever Cutler did was a violation of that.

After Cutler's release, Purrazzo tweeted, "COVID strikes again....LOL". Cutler later tweeted that his release was shocking to him, but that he is excited about future possibilities. He has a 90-day non-compete.

Fightful reported Cutler was working with the "big man" class at the Performance Center when he learned of his release. They added he was well liked by those at the PC with the door open to a return down the road.