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Styles & Omos-Viking Raiders Tag Team title match set for WWE Raw


Next Monday's WWE Raw will feature a Tag Team title rematch from Money in the Bank as AJ Styles and Omos will defend the titles once again against the Viking Raiders.

Styles and Omos defeated the Raiders Sunday after Omos gave Erik a tree slam for the pin and win. The two teams were on opposite sides again Monday as Omos and Styles teamed with John Morrison to take on the Raiders and Riddle.

This time, the Raiders were on the winning side of things as Omos thought Miz sprayed him with the drip stick but it was actually Riddle. As Morrison tried to defend his friend, Omos took Morrison and threw him to the Raiders who hit Viking Experience for the win.

Next Monday's show will also feature Mustafa Ali and Mansoor teaming up after the latter requested it from Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Ali was surprised to hear the news and wasn't thrilled, but agreed for one night as Mansoor wants to learn from him.