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Tom Phillips discusses WWE career, getting replaced on Raw


The former Tom Phillips gave his first interview following his release from WWE last week, talking about his tenure with the company and his removal from the Raw announce team.

Speaking to sports media reporter Richard Deitsch on his weekly podcast, Philips (Tom Hannifan) wasn't asked about what he was told about being released or anything regarding his departure. Hannifan was positive toward his WWE experience throughout the interview and was grateful for the opportunity they gave him coming out of college.

He was asked about being replaced by Adnan Virk as lead Raw announcer and said that he was surprised with the news, but that he respected Virk and his ability to get the job done. He also said he was surprised by how short Virk's tenure was, but that he'll do just fine considering how many other jobs he has.

He said he always fine with being produced and that it happens regularly to anyone on commentary. He said his job was to tell stories and that sometimes his micro view was different than the macro view of those producing the show when it came to the story they were trying to tell.

Hannifan hopes to keep up his relationships with those he met in WWE and talked about his friendships with The New Day as he got to know Xavier Woods and Big E from NXT. He said the most important call of his WWE tenure was when Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, a call he admitted he got emotional on.

Hannifan said that in looking for his next opportunity, he wants to get in on the ground floor and work his way up. He didn't have any preference for what sport he calls next even though he is an ardent fan of college football.