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Undertaker, WWE offer limited run of $1000 Cameo messages


WWE's foray into new third party partnerships has begun as they announced Thursday that the Undertaker will be joining Cameo for a limited run of 30 "personalized video messages which he will fulfill at Survivor Series."

Requests are being taken now with a cost of $1000 per message.

Undertaker has been doing the media rounds again this week as he prepares for what is being billed as a "Final Farewell" at Sunday's Survivor Series, celebrating 30 years in WWE.

WWE made news recently after they changed their policy and forbade talent from having their own separate third party deals with Cameo and Twitch. Part of the rationale is to establish broader partnerships with revenue being counted against the talent's yearly downside guarantee vs. going directly to them. Since Undertaker isn't an active talent, it's unknown how his compensation for the potential $30,000 in revenue will work.

WWE talents that have Cameo accounts recently have seen the company logo added to their profile, but neither WWE or Cameo has yet to formally announce a partnership.