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VIDEO: Fan jumps into the ring during Seth Rollins' Raw promo

Seth Rollins

During Monday's edition of WWE Raw in Corpus Christi, TX, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins was cutting an in-ring promo on Finn Balor when a fan rushed into the ring to confront him.

While the full clip wasn't caught on live TV, video footage surfaced shortly thereafter:

In the short clip, the fan jumps the rail and slides under the ring, getting right in Rollins' face with his arms up. Rollins shoves him back and within seconds, a referee and a security person take the fan down and grapple him to the outside of the ring.

On the show, Brock Lesnar returned, Rusev battled Roman Reigns in a SummerSlam preview, and Balor debuted his demon paint on Raw.

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