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Vince McMahon apologized to Zelina Vega for cutting WWE SmackDown 9/11 tribute match


In an interview with TalkSport, Zelina Vega said that WWE chairman Vince McMahon apologized for pulling her from the SmackDown that took place in New York City on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Vega's father was killed in the attacks and she was scheduled for the September 10th show, complete with an outfit in tribute. However, her tag team match with Carmella against Liv Morgan and Toni Storm was pulled due to time which drew the ire of fans.

Vega told TalkSport that she felt the anger about the decision was "misguided" and that while she was disappointed, the decision wasn't personal.

“When it got cut, Vince called me and apologized because he wanted to make sure that I knew, 'Listen, this wasn’t done to you personally or anything, it was literally just this (the time), I had to make that call and I’m so sorry.' And people don’t know that side either."

She later said, "To have a boss to care enough to call you and go 'Look, I’m sorry', that’s important.”

Vega (Thea Trinidad Budgen) returned to WWE in July after being released in November 2020 following a disagreement over their then-new policies regarding third-party deals with companies like Twitch and Cameo.