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Vince McMahon 'heavily edited' by WWE creative team staff due to insensitive language, incorrect info

More details are emerging now that McMahon has stepped down from WWE.
Vince McMahon

According to a sourced report from Fightful, one aspect of the creative environment Vince McMahon inspired in recent years in WWE was one where meeting minutes had to be heavily edited due to insensitive language and incorrect information.

Citing sources within the creative process, the report said that assistants on the creative writing team needed to filter the now-former WWE CEO, Chairman and creative team lead for "a long time" and that meeting notes were heavily edited due to the aforementioned insensitive language to calling people the wrong names to using terms that weren't socially acceptable.

In another part of the report, a former production employee confirmed the long-running stories about McMahon blowing up at the announcers on headset due to minor issues. 

Former WWE announcer and personality Renee Paquette said as much during an appearance on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour last October. She recalled a story about how McMahon said she ruined an angle with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury because she referred to him by his nickname and not lineal champion.

The report also intimated from some that McMahon didn't remember some of the things he had done creatively in the past, resulting in them being done over and over again. 

McMahon publicly said he retired from WWE last Friday while filings with the SEC show he resigned. Paul "Triple H" Levesque was announced as head of creative on Monday while his wife, Stephanie McMahon, is officially co-CEO along with former president Nick Khan.