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WWE announces Middle East & North Africa broadcast deal

The long-awaited WWE TV & streaming deal in the MENA region is now finalized.
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WWE announced their long-discussed and long-awaited broadcasting deal in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) Wednesday in a partnership with MBC Group.

No financials were disclosed.

The deal will see MBC's Shahid streaming/on demand service become the home for WWE programming beginning next weekend with WrestleMania 38 from Dallas, Texas. 

All premium live shows, in addition to live Raw and SmackDown episodes and more than 10,000 hours of WWE Network library content, are included in the deal. Shahid will create a dedicated WWE channel on its service for the on-demand content which will include next-day availability for NXT's weekly show.

There is also a free TV element of the partnership as one-hour recap shows of Raw and SmackDown will air on MBC's free-to-air TV channel in addition to WWE Main Event and Afterburn.

The live Raws and SmackDowns will be in Arabic while the one-hour versions will feature Arabic subtitles.

A broadcast deal in the MENA region has been asked about or discussed on nearly every WWE quarterly investors call for the past few years. WWE resumed their bi-annual Saudi Arabia supershows in October 2021.

WWE stock closed at $60.82 per share Tuesday and the market has yet to open as of this writing.