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WWE Clash at the Castle presser notes: Triple H, Tyson Fury

Roman Reigns answered one question and then walked off the set.

Following Saturday's WWE Clash at the Castle event, Paul "Triple H" Levesque and several wrestlers talked to the media for over a half hour about the show. The wrestlers answered mostly in character.

"This was a global event."

As expected, Levesque was thrilled with the show and how the city embraced the event. He put over the attendance (62,296) coming from 42 countries. 78% of the crowd.came from outside Wales.

Levesque said they are looking forward to doing more shows like this around the world in the coming years.

Roman Reigns

Reigns was asked one question, he pondered it, asked the reporter to "acknowledge him" and then walked off the set.

Gunther/Liv Morgan/Seth Rollins

All three put over the fans and the attendance.

Gunther said matches like today's with Sheamus were "intense, a dramatic battle" that he enjoys. He was asked about Rollins' outfit and Rollins had some fun with the reporter for asking about it.

Rollins said his jacket was inspired by Bret Hart and the 1992 SummerSlam. Morgan said she has never seen it which got her razzed by Rollins.

Drew McIntyre/Tyson Fury

McIntyre talked about his history in the city and how his career has come full circle to be here. He talked about being "screwed over" by Reigns and should have expected it, but will deal with him at another time. He wanted to look at the positives and this week has had a lot of them.

McIntyre's focus is to keep improving and help the company however he can. He credited building himself back up when he was gone to being able to rebuild himself.

Fury said he would fight Alexander Usyk this year when the challenge was laid out, but since Usyk wants to wait, he is not going to wait and will be announcing a fight next week.

Fury said he is still focused on boxing the next few years, but has a passion for WWE. "Never say never and I would be open to it in the future for sure," he said.

Levesque said, "When Fury is done with time inside the boxing ring...the door is always open for him. We would love to do business with him." He said that when Fury stared down with Reigns, they'll have to build some bigger stadiums for that event when that time comes.

Levesque then finished up the last 10 minutes.

Are there plans for more overseas shows in Europe?

Levesque said yes. He is very excited for NXT Europe and that the pandemic ruined their plans for WWE NXT UK. "The time to make that move is now," he said. "The long-term goal is to be in markets all around the world and have them compete against each other World Cup-style."

Tonight was step one in the plan, and he said people will be hearing a lot with more announcement in the next few months and years. He hopes the media has their passports in order.

Future of Clash at the Castle IP?

Levesque was asked about the Clash IP and whether that would work other places. He joked there weren't a ton of places with castles, but that it could work. He also brought up Crown Jewel.

The return of Bad Bunny?

Asked if Bad Bunny would return at some point, Levesque said he loves working with people that have the same passion for the business as Bad Bunny does. He put over how Bunny was working at the Performance Center and trained every single day. He also talked about Logan Paul's work ethic.

He then said he and Bad Bunny are going to have a conversation very, very soon. It's scheduled and they will see what's available.