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WWE considering title vs. title stakes for Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns WrestleMania 38 match

WWE is looking at high stakes for one of their planned WrestleMania 38 main events.


With the idea that their WrestleMania 38 clash needs something new, WWE is considering making Brock Lesnar vs. Universal Champion Roman Reigns a title vs. title match.

Dave Meltzer reported the news in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer said the original plan didn't have a title vs. title stipulation, but "plans change so frequently." He said the feeling is that because the two have done the match before, this encounter would need something extra added to it.

That would increase the importance of this month's Elimination Chamber as Lesnar would need to win the WWE title currently held by Bobby Lashley in the Chamber match both men are part of.

"At this point, the feeling on creative is that Vince (McMahon) will make the call to go with title vs. title, hence putting Lesnar over in the Chamber. There were those internally, including Heyman and Lesnar, pushing for it. The only thing we were told is that of press time, the course to WrestleMania is once again set regarding both titles and there are a number of twists and turns to come," he wrote, later noting that any planned WWE title match would then be off as a result.

"The idea is also to book Reigns and Lesnar as strong as possible with the idea that the Mania match is the two top stars who are well above everyone else and that the Mania main event is a dream match," he wrote.

Meltzer also said the original plan wasn't to split Paul Heyman and Lesnar, but that with the Reigns/Heyman dynamic being so strong and Lesnar not back full-time, it was inevitable.

The original plans for their reunion changed due to Reigns getting COVID-19 and needing to pull off the Day One premium live event.