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WWE front office changes continue with more departures


It has been a busy week in WWE's corporate offices with more changes being reported, this time affecting the communications department.

PWInsider reported that VP of Communications Mead Rust and chief marketing and communications officer Brian Flinn are both gone. Rust had been with WWE for two years while Flinn had been in the company for nearly a decade. Additionally, publicity and corporate communications manager Joe Villa is gone after 22 years with the company.

Chris Legentil, formerly of the NBA, DAZN, and Showtime, was put into place earlier this week as senior vice president and head of global communications.

The moves follow a massive shakeup in the talent relations department that has seen Mark Carrano and Nicole Zeoli out this week with Carrano specificially gone due to sending talent their leftover gear in a a trash bag as noted by Mickie James Thursday. Referee John Cone was relieved of his duties as a senior manager but was reinstated Friday. PWInsider noted that referee Rudy Charles (Dan Engler) was also relieved of his talent relations responsibilities.

On the revenue side, former Nick Khan CAA co-workers Scott Zanghellini (new head of revenue strategy and development) and Alex Varga (vice president of revenue strategy and development) were also officially hired earlier this week.