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WWE grants The Revival's immediate release


This story was updated at 1:30 PM Eastern.

WWE announced Friday morning that they have granted The Revival their immediate release:

"Effective today, Friday April 10, 2020, WWE and The Revival have agreed on their immediate release from WWE. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors."

According to our Bryan Alvarez on the January 31st edition of Wrestling Observer Live, the North Carolina-born duo made up of Scott Dawson (David Harwood) and Dash Wilder (Daniel Wheeler) had asked for their release in January for a second time in two years.

Dave Meltzer is also reporting that there is no 90 day non-compete clause and the two are free and clear to sign or work wherever they would like. Dawson's contract was either up or about to be up while Wilder initially had a few months added to the end of his contract due to previous time off due to injuries. 

The team had reportedly turned down five year renewals and haven't been on WWE TV since losing in a no. 1 contender fatal four way on the January 31st SmackDown. Since then, they worked four house show matches with their last being on March 1st.

The 32-year-old Wilder has been in wrestling since 2005, signing with WWE and starting at the Performance Center in 2014. The 35-year-old Dawson began in 2004 and started at the Performance Center in 2012. After working with Garrett Dylan as a partner and going the singles route, Dawson and Wilder were paired up shortly after Wilder's signing.

Starting as The Mechanics, the team changed their name in February 2016 to The Revival and won two NXT tag team titles before being called up on the Raw after WrestleMania in 2017. They won the Raw tag team titles twice and the SmackDown titles once, becoming the first WWE triple crown tag team champions. They also briefly co-held the 24/7 championship.

They have also been filing for their own trademarks as of late with WWE attempting to counter. From the March 2nd and 9th editions of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

"WWE and The Revival are battling for intellectual property rights since it appears The Revival is leaving next month with AEW looking to be the likely destination. WWE has filed for trademarks on the terms The Mechanics, which was the name they used before the Revival and the term “No Flips, Just Fists.” The team was trying to get a trademark for the latter term.

The Revival has filed for trademarks for the terms “Top Guys,” “Say Yeah,” and “No flips. Just fists.” They already filed for the term “Forever the Revival,” which means they can use the FTR branding that the Young Bucks used years ago on BTE and in ROH when they would have people chant “F*** the Revival” based on the idea at that time The Revival was the team people were considering as possibly better than the Young Bucks."

It is assumed they are likely AEW-bound given the company's propensity for tag team wrestling, but that is simply speculation at this point.

Neither man has commented publicly at this point, but Dawson did tweet the following Thursday night:

Guys, for shoot, even if you called us boring or said we have dad bods or no charisma or can’t cut a promo, I love all of y’all. Professional Wrestling has always been my dream. Y’all made it possible. #FTR

— Scott Dawson (@ScottDawsonWWE) April 9, 2020