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WWE 'looking into' alleged past inappropriate actions by Randy Orton

Randy Orton

WWE is looking into claims that Randy Orton inappropriately touched himself in years past when meeting new writers. 

The allegations surfaced this week after a Reddit user revived a story told by Court Bauer during a 2012 edition of the MLW podcast (subscription needed). What follows is the transcription from that user:

"For every new writer that would show up, he come in the room, put his hand down his pants, pull out his d*ck, touch himself, then say "I'm Randy Orton, shake my hand. Oh, you dont want to shake my hand? You're big leaguing me? That's f**ked up man. Should I tell Vince and Steph you wont shake Randy Orton's hand?" 

The story went on that during those incidents, writers would continue to feel uncomfortable as Orton cut a promo on them while remaining exposed.

WWE released a brief statement to that they are "looking into the matter."

Bauer said he avoided the situation as Stephanie McMahon walked into the room at the time Orton was reaching into his pants. Bauer said the story was true when asked on Twitter Friday, adding in a separate tweet that has "no qualms" with Orton.

The 38-year-old has been with the company since he was signed to a developmental deal in 2000.