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WWE Main Event results: Baszler vs. Riott, Moss vs. O'Neil


The Big Takeaway:

Both Shayna Baszler and Riddick Moss continued her Main Event winning ways in a fairly missable episode of Main Event.

Show Recap:

Riddick Moss pinned Titus O'Neil (5:03)

This was just the third match of 2020 for O'Neil and his second Main Event appearance in the last month as he beat Akira Tozawa in early-July.

O'Neil dominated early, beating up Moss on both the inside and the outside of the ring. Moss hurt O'Neil's left arm and shoulder, wrenching it over the top rope to gain control and working over it with holds that really...slowed..down...the...pace.

After a brief hope spot, Moss hit his neckbreaker for the pin to remain undefeated in traditional singles action since his arrival on the WWE main roster scene. This was essentially a house show match without a crowd to really care.

Shayna Baszler submitted Ruby Riott (6:38)

Baszler was in control early, but Riott got the former NXT Champion's ire up by matching her trip for trip. This was fairly 50/50 for most of the match with Baszler ensnaring Riott in various locks and holds (ankle lock, neck crank) and Riott taking advantage of a miss to hit a kick before the cycle repeated itself. 

Riott made a solid accounting of herself, taking a nasty sliding shining wizard and inviting Baszler to lay in more kicks before reversing a gutwrench into a rollup for a near fall. Baszler called it quits with a sequence of a modified cutter, a knee strike, and a kirifuda clutch for the submission.

The win extends Baszler's unbeaten streak to five (2-0 on Main Event) while Riott has won just two singles matches since February 2019.

Your recaps of the week:

Firefly Funhouse, the Sheamus/Jeff Hardy bar fight, Sasha Banks' Raw title win over Asuka, and the Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler Raw match with the Randy Orton sneak attack afterward

Final Thoughts:

I must admit I'm not a regular Main Event watcher, but this show is essentially a Raw/SmackDown recap with two random short matches thrown in to justify it existing. The Baszler-Riott match was fine and we'll see if the Moss winning streak leads to anything down the line.