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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet & Morrison vs. Garza & Carrillo


This week's matches were taped prior to WWE Raw in Sacramento, California. As is the case most weeks, I wonder if there is a Main Event roulette wheel or dartboard of five or six guys to rotate in and out week after week. This show simply exists, but doesn't have a purpose.

Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa

This marked the 13th singles match between these two since 2017 and their first since April. Both worked hard, but the crowd was so quiet in sports, all you could hear was their yelling and grunting.

A Tozawa kick to Gulak's face fired up the crowd, but as he went to the top rope, Gulak swept out his legs and Tozawa hit his head on the top turnbuckle in a gnarly-looking spot. Tozawa came back with a hurricanrana and shining wizard and successfully went up to the top rope for a spinning back elbow that got two. Byron Saxton called the move unique which is a choice of words, I guess.

In an effort to get the crowd into it, Tozawa struggled with a fireman's carry for some reason and never got Gulak up. He later landed a spinning kick, but got turned inside-out by a Gulak clothesline. A cyclone crash (fireman's carry into a neckbreaker) won it for Gulak, snapping a 14-match losing streak.

The last person he beat? Tozawa.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo defeated John Morrison and Ricochet

Somewhere in an alternative universe, this match got  ****3/4 stars from Dave Meltzer. All four have the ability to get it done, but the WWE style just doesn't allow them to take the governor off the engine.

Carrillo and Garza have the look of a tag team that could have a title run at some point next year. There's something here, but we'll see if they are given the shot. The commentary team played up how this was the first time Morrison and Ricochet teamed together.

Morrison pulled Carrillo to the outside with a hurricanrana and landed a nice superkick. Ricochet then teased a jump to the outside, but Garza jumped on the barricade as Ricochet posed back in the inside leading into a brea.

Morrison later got the hot tag to Ricochet who was nearly immediately taken out by Garza and he was focused on Carrillo. He later got the momentum back, hitting a nice springboard back elbow. 

The end came when Morrison tagged back in, hitting a GTS variant on Carrillo as Ricochet leapt over both of them to take out Garza. Ricochet went for a big somersault to the outside, but didn't hit anyone and Garza landed a superkick to take him out.

Back inside, Morrison missed Starship Pain. Carrillo got a bridging reverse chinlock while Garza hit a dropkick to Morrison's face to get the pin and win. They are now 5-1 as a team since September.