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WWE notes: Madcap Moss character, plan for Parker Boudreaux

Dave Meltzer provided some news on both wrestlers in this week's WON.
Madcap Moss | WWE

Dave Meltzer had WWE notes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter on Madcap Moss and the recently released Parker Boudreaux.

Madcap Moss look and character change?

Meltzer reported that Moss' current injury angle is because "there have been pitches to now change his gimmick and look now that he’s a babyface." He said it's not a lock they will follow through with idea, but that it's under consideration. Moss recently split from Happy Corbin and the two have been feuding.

Parker Boudreaux once tabbed for Edge's Judgment Day faction

Meltzer confirmed a Ringside News report that the recently released Parker Boudreaux (NXT's Harland) was "hand-picked" by Edge to be the fourth member of his Judgment Day group.

Meltzer said he was told "this was supposed to be a major secret and that Edge had told very few and he was one of the few who knew. They even kept it from Boudreaux, but it is accurate. The only thing we were told as to why it didn’t happen is that the company found something out about Boudreaux and made the decision based on that. The other reason is because of the feeling in NXT that he had stopped improving and he got a tag of getting hurt too much early on."

Boudreaux was part of this past April's NXT cuts.