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WWE notes: Roderick Strong injury, Ricky Steamboat documentary

An angle involving Diamond Mine and Strong was pushed back due to the injury.
Roderick Strong

Dave Meltzer shared some WWE notes on both Roderick Strong and Rick Steamboat in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Roderick Strong injured

The Diamond Mine has remained a big part of WWE NXT's weekly TV with a main focus of late being their growing dissent with Roderick Strong.

Meltzer reported that were was supposed to be an angle involving Strong and the Diamond Mine this past Tuesday, but it was delayed due to a Strong injury.

Strong did cause a distraction during Tuesday's trios match between the Diamond Mine and Gallus when he wanted to show Damon Kemp a video on his phone to help support a point he was making earlier. Kemp stomped on the phone and as security was taking Strong away, Joe Coffey took advantage and hit Kemp with a lariat for the pin and win, further deepening the issues.

The severity or specificity about the injury wasn't reported.

Ricky Steamboat A&E documentary

Ricky Steamboat has been all over the wrestling map in recent months, acting as guest timekeeper for a recent AEW Dynamite and appearing on-screen during NWA's 74th anniversary weekend and subsequent TV tapings.

Meltzer notes that Steamboat will now be a focus of a future WWE A&E documentary that is currently being worked on.

Earlier this year, WWE and A&E announced an expanded partnership deal for more documentaries and general content.