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WWE NXT Breaking Ground; Eva Marie KO's Carmella

WWE NXT Breaking Ground Episode 6: Road Trip

Submitted by: Ryan Pike

WWE NXT Breaking Ground Episode 6: Road Trip

Key Takeaway: The NXT gang goes on a road trip to Louisville and Nashville in an episode that shines a spotlight on Bayley, Carmella, Jason Jordan and Baron Corbin, then climaxes with Eva Marie kicking Carmella right in the head and knocking her out mid-match.

Show Recap: Aside from saying goodbye to Cal Bishop, who Canyon Ceman released at the end of the last episode, and making a brief stop to meet new NXT signee Lovepreet Singh in Orlando, the entire episode is spent with the touring NXT crew as they visit Louisville and Nashville.

A lot of time is spent with Carmella and Bayley this week, really emphasizing that they're best friends and that Bayley's success in NXT, and likely recall to the main roster before too long, is pushing Carmella to improve. Bayley gets a new challenge on the road trip: producing a match, as Matt Bloom has her produce a match between Alexa Bliss and Eva Marie in Louisville. She seems to be adjusting to her role as a mentor to the younger talent, but also expresses her excitement in learning new things so she's not just someone known for hugging. Carmella notes that there's a big gap between Bayley and the rest of the girls on the roster, and she's eager to take a leap in her development. She's fighting a cold and works a match with Eva Marie in Nashville. And mid-way through the match, with her boyfriend (Colin Cassidy) and her best friend (Bayley) watching, Carmella gets her wits kicked out of her by Eva Marie in the episode's cliffhanger ending.

Lesser News: Jason Jordan's excited about his raise. He and Chad Gable get to work with Cassidy and Enzo in Nashville. Jordan feels like his team has momentum and his goal is to get him and Gable to the main roster and established as a dependable tag team that can do anything they need them to do.

Also we spend a bit of time with Baron Corbin, who still really thinks he should be on the main roster. Bloom's assessment: “Baron wants all the privileges of being a top guy, but I don't think he knows what it takes to be a top guy right now.” Specifically, Corbin's facials aren't great in the ring, and he notes after being trained to suppress emotions as an NFL player, he's having to adjust to the differences. Away from the ring, the NXT crew also visits an abandoned sanitarium and Corbin visits an oddities shop with a buddy of his in Nashville, buying a fragment of a human skull. Corbin's a weird dude, but at least they're trying to make him seem like a person.

Final Thoughts: The focus on Bayley and Carmella really helped elevate this show, as Bayley comes across amazingly likeable, even when trolling Jason Jordan when he jokingly asks for an autographed photo. Spending time with the touring crew and focusing on the shows themselves and how they're put together made the half-hour a lot more compelling than some of the earlier episodes.