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WWE president Nick Khan: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch will return


During an appearance on Colin Cowherd's podcast Wednesday, WWE president Nick Khan said both Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch will return.

In talking about WrestleMania 35 when Rousey vs. Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair headlined the show and the popularity of female wrestlers in general, Khan made a point to say Rousey would return "at a certain point in time" and Lynch would return ""at a certain point of the not-too-distant future."

The aforementioned match was Rousey's last appearance in WWE as she lost the Raw Women's title that night. She had said that she was looking forward to taking time off and starting a family, but she later aired some grievances with "f*king ingrateful fans" and the travel schedule while doing an appearance on the Steve O podcast.

Lynch relinquished the Raw Women's title last May after revealing she was pregnant. She and Seth Rollins welcomed a daughter in December and Lynch teased on social media on the night of January's Royal Rumble that she was returning.

Some other notes and talking points from Khan's appearance:

  • In talking about WrestleMania, he plugged the A&E partnership and the documentaries that kick off in April.
  • He said expanding further in the media universe is their top priority. They seem themselves as an entertainment company and not a wrestling company.
  • He feels like they are sitting on a "treasure trove" of intellectual property and they want to focus monetizing it.
  • They are "hyper-focused" on Latin America, and specifically Mexico. He said two smaller groups run in Mexico and he feels that if you were to take one of those companies and add the WWF effect to it, it could be very successful with local stars and a free-to-air TV product. He clarified they weren't looking to buy one of those groups, but do something from the ground up.
  • He said he doesn't want Twitter to be their primary influence as it accounts for a small percentage of their fanbase. He pushed live audience reaction as what they want to help guide decision making and how that has been difficult due to the pandemic.
  • When they return to running live shows, there's no going back. He said they would return three times a week (Raw, SmackDown, NXT) but didn't give an indication as to whether house shows were going to be part of the mix.
  • He said Fastlane was a massive success in terms of subscriptions for Peacock, but didn't clarify what percentage of those subscribers were WWE Network converts.
  • He said they are very popular in the Philippines as are other U.S. entertainment properties.
  • In talking about Vince McMahon, he said he's not surprised he has sold the company because he built it and is the best person to run it. He then joked about how another executive once asked McMahon where he was "summering" and taking time off and McMahon replied that he was going to "summer" in his office in Stamford, CT. Khan said people don't realize how polite he is and that he isn't interested in a lot of small talk. He's formal and a calculated businessman that is always ready to talk about the business.