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WWE releases White Rabbit T-shirts online

The shirts are part of what could be Bray Wyatt's return on Friday's SmackDown.

On the day that many expect a big return on WWE SmackDown, the company released two different t-shirts on that feature a white rabbit and a hangman game.

One is a black shirt that simply has a rabbit on it while another has the "Who killed the world? You did." phrase with the hangman game featured in a video that launched Monday. WWE not so subtly featured a QR code on Raw in the background several times that took viewers to the video. 

The video ends with 9.23 which is tonight when SmackDown will emanate from Salt Lake City, Utah.

This follows the company playing the song "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplane last Friday during a SmackDown commercial break and then over the weekend.

The speculation is that this is all tied into the return of Bray Wyatt who was released in July 2021. Since then, the 35-year-old has yet to appear in a wrestling ring but has been on social media from time to time.