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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Kingston tries to run the gauntlet


A gauntlet match for an Elimination Chamber advantage was the focus of last night's go-home edition of SmackDown.

The gauntlet lasted for the final hour of the show. Randy Orton won it and will enter the Elimination Chamber last on Sunday, but Kofi Kingston was the story of the match. He defeated Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe before being eliminated by AJ Styles. Orton then ambushed Styles and hit an RKO to win.

Kingston is replacing the injured Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber.

There was also a triple threat tag match between Naomi & Carmella, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, and Peyton Royce & Billie Kay, with the losing team starting the Women's Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match with Sasha Banks & Bayley.

Plus, Charlotte Flair reacted to Vince McMahon's announcement from Raw and The Usos made an appearance on "McMiz TV."

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