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WWE Universal Champion Goldberg gets new WrestleMania opponent


Note: The following contains spoilers for SmackDown and WrestleMania.

Because of Roman Reigns deciding to not wrestle during the WrestleMania tapings due to health concerns surrounding the coronavirus, WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg was left without an opponent for the company's biggest show of the year.

According to Dave Meltzer on Friday's Wrestling Observer Radio, that opponent is now Braun Strowman which is to be explained on Friday's edition of SmackDown.

WrestleMania was taped on Wednesday and Thursday at the Orlando, Florida, based Performance Center, due to the uncertainty regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, several future editions of both Raw and SmackDown were also recorded this week.

Meltzer said that Reigns was at the PC for the match but ultimately chose to withdraw due to a compromised immune system, a result of his past battles with leukemia. Meltzer said he was told that Reigns' cousins, The Usos, weren't happy that The Miz was sick which helped influence Reigns' decision.

It's unknown what the Miz's condition is, but PW Insider's Mike Johnson reported Friday he was taken off the show.

WWE has yet to make a public comment on any of the above.