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WWE's Roman Reigns: Jon Moxley owes no apologies for checking into alcohol rehab


WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns said that former Shield teammate Jon Moxley doesn't owe an apology for stepping away to enter alcohol rehab.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina Wednesday in promotion for Saturday's Royal Rumble, Reigns was asked about his take on Bully Ray's recent comments that Moxley should have offered an apology in his return promo after taking time off for nearly three months starting last November.

While he said he understands where the former WWE and ECW star was coming from, times have changed.

"...I think in this day and age, especially with how much awareness there is for mental health and taking care of yourself and prioritizing you, I don't think he owes anybody an apology. I think the fact that he was responsible enough to do what needed to be done and also not shy away from it, to help other people -- because you rarely talk about those people that are just 100% inspired and motivated by what Mox did -- and having that brutal honesty with himself and everyone for that matter, I don't think he owes anyone an apology," he said.

When asked about his thoughts on Seth Rollins mentioning Moxley recently on WWE tv, Reigns said that Rollins and Moxley are his brothers.

"I’ll always have a deep love and respect for both of those guys. Mox, me and him were super tight, within the Shield and maybe even a little bit closer. They (Moxley and Rollins) may have been super bonded through wrestling and what they had done at FCW wrestling and prior to WWE, but when it comes to whether we were wrestlers or not, me and Mox, we’re friends," he explained.

As noted in our daily update Wednesday, Reigns also detailed his recent bout with COVID-19 in the interview, one that kept him off the Day 1 pay-per-view as he contracted the virus the week prior.

Reigns said it wasn't bad for him and that he went through a sinus infection, a bronchitis cough and a lot of chest tightness that he still feels today while doing cardio.

He noted that because WWE wrestlers don't compete as much and because he is doing a lot of six-man matches, he has to push his conditioning while training and he still notices that tightness.

"It’s definitely something serious. As someone who is vaccinated and boosted, it still got to me and I still felt the effects. While they weren’t as severe as they can be for some, it did hang around and linger for a while," he said.