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New NXT TV show heavily discussed, but not yet official

A new NXT TV show is being heavily discussed, first reported by Wrestling Inc. and confirmed by our Dave Meltzer.

The initial report said that Paul "HHH" Levesque has assembled a team to oversee the show, headed up by former EVOLVE co-founder Gabe Sapolsky. The show would focus on those trying to get on to the primary NXT roster in an effort to get the less experienced Performance Center talents the in-ring work they need.

Sapolsky tweeted, "Things get way overblown."

Meltzer said the show has been discussed for quite some time, but there is nothing official as of this point. Wrestling Inc. reported that the show was initially targeted for early-2021 but that has been delayed due to the pandemic.

With the pandemic shutting down NXT's various tours, the show would help fill the void left by the the smaller market shows (i.e, the Florida "Coconut Loop" events) NXT frequently has run in the past as there's no certainty when they could return.

It's assumed this would be for the WWE Network.