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NXT TakeOver Portland post-show media call audio with Triple H

Following NXT TakeOver Sunday, Paul "Triple H" Levesque talked to the media for roughly twenty minutes about the show and a few other NXT-related questions. Just click the red button below to listen.

In case you missed it, here's his pre-TakeOver call.

A few topics he hit on:

- He said the show was the highest-grossing WWE event in Portland, OR, since 2008.

- He was asked if USA Network had any involvement/say in the Rhea Ripley-Charlotte Flair angle since both Raw and NXT are on their network. He said they didn't and things just worked out that way.

- He answered a question about whether TakeOvers could be one of the events that Vince McMahon discussed selling the rights to a streaming service for.

- He talked about Cathy Kelley's final night with the company.

- He was asked about how the Matt Riddle/Pete Dunne pairing came together.

- He was asked about the different production elements in NXT vs. WWE (less camera cuts and zooming, different lighting, etc).

Click below to listen:

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