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Rachael Evers part of recent NXT releases, posts comeback video

This story was updated at 9:45 AM Eastern.

The now former Rachael Evers announced her comeback with a video posted to Twitter Wednesday night as she was part of the recent WWE/NXT releases, confirmed by our Dave Meltzer.

Returning to her real name of Rachael Ellering, the video starts with her first picture at the WWE Performance Center and then a black and white montage of her getting beaten on during her NXT run with Charlie Chaplin's final speech from The Great Dictator as a voiceover. It then transitions to color and Shinedown's 'Cut The Cord' of her on offense during her days on the indies, closing with 'Rachael Ellering: Don't Call It A Comeback'.

We know who we are, who we’ll always be and we have a choice: we can hide in the shadows or stand in the light pic.twitter.com/DKpF7rafka

— Rachael Ellering (@RachaelEversWWE) May 13, 2020

She also released some new merchandise, calling herself the Queen of Strong Smile.

The 27-year-old was trained by Lance Storm and worked in NXT sparingly in 2016 and 2017 before signing a full-time contract in January 2019. She spent considerable time in both Stardom and SHIMMER in between those runs. Outside a Mae Young Classic appearance in 2018, Evers mainly worked NXT house shows and hadn't had a match since last July due to a torn ACL.

On the Wednesday night Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said that there was an issue between she and the medical staff regarding her rehab from that injury but didn't have the full details. She didn't ask for her release, according to Meltzer, but was considering quitting anyway.

She is the daughter of Paul Ellering, longtime manager of the Road Warriors and former manager of the AOP.