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TakeOver media call: HHH on Tegan Nox surgery, Tuesdays, COVID-19

Paul "HHH" Levesque spent some time with the wrestling media Wednesday afternoon talking about this Sunday's NXT TakeOver show and fielding some questions about the company.

Some of the highlights:

  • Our Dave Meltzer asked about exploring a move to Tuesday nights to which Levesque said discussions are always being had, but it's a decision that involves not only WWE but their partners. Without saying AEW, he did add that he thinks it's funny no one asks them why they aren't moving when NXT was first on Wednesdays.
  • He thinks that NXT Champion Finn Balor vs. Kyle O'Reilly will change some perceptions and could be a game changer for a lot of things. He said that O'Reilly's elevated role was planned but circumstances helped pushed the timeline up a bit.
  • He confirmed that Tegan Nox had surgery for a torn ACL.
  • He said the show will have "a different, unique look and feel and that fans will figure out what means on Sunday."
  • He expects the card lineup to remain intact but that "everything is touch and go these days." To that end, he says the Performance Center is back and functional. When asked about whether there are any punishments for those aren't following protocols, he didn't address it directly but said they have discussions and reality checks like anyone else. However. it's difficult because they are dealing with people's personal lives.
  • He was asked about NXT's role in the upcoming draft and said he had no idea and will find out like everyone else does that night.
  • He also discussed Wade Barrett's return, the (someday) return of fans in attendance, NXT UK, and more.

Click below to listen:

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